Stephanie Recendez


My name is Stephanie Recendez and I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, I’m from a place where you don’t only have to stay away from bad influences, but also break through the negativity by demonstrating you can persevere through roadblocks by all the people who said you couldn’t do it. I am ambitious, determined, goal oriented, and most importantly I’m a believer.

My immediate family consists of three people: my mother, brother, and myself. My parents separated when I was five years old but I am very thankful for my mother. Not only because she is the person who gave birth to me, but she keeps me out of trouble, influenced me not to use drugs, and join gangs. My mom played both roles of a mother and a father. She is the person who motivates me to be my best. She pushes me to be the first in my family not only graduate from high school but to also attend a four-year university.

There was a point where we were doing pretty well, but in 2008 my mom had an accident at her job and damaged three discs in her lower spine. She managed to keep working to provide for my brother and I but eventually the back problem prevented her from working. Despite her physical and emotional challenges she continues to somehow manage to provide for my brother and myself. That’s why she has served as an inspiration and instilled in me that as long as I’m living I can do anything that I want. I want her to be proud of each and every one of my accomplishments.

My mom’s condition has taught me to never waste my time. I learned that I should make the best out of life even when it seems impossible. She has pushed me to be an ambitious person and have the determination to succeed in anything that I desire for my life.

Everything that has happened in my life has made me who I am. Each person and each life lesson has inspired me to create new goals for myself. Nothing in life comes easy. If everything were easy we would all be successful and go to college; sadly that’s not the case. Life gives you challenges to know how strong you are whether that’s mentally, physically, or emotionally. I know one thing for sure, I refuse to be a sob story and I’m eager to be a success and an inspiration to others.

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