Rodney Savannah

Rodney Savannah – 2011
USC/ Edgar Twine Award Winner

My freshman year at USC has been very challenging. As a biology major on the pre-med track, I have tough classes and am competing with many students for good grades. But it has been the new responsibilities, not the actual classes, that I have struggled with the most.

In high school, all I had to worry about is going to class and doing my assignments. In college, I have had to not only worry about class, but also my job, and social life. It has been outside the classroom where I have gained the most knowledge. I learned how to better manage my money,  manage my time, and how to study and minimize procrastination. No matter what your major is or what classes you’re taking, if you know how to do all those things you will be very successful in college.
My goals for next year are simple. I want to get better grades than I did this year and become more involved on campus. I am still focused on going to medical school and becoming a doctor.
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