Moriah Cenance

Moriah Cenance – 2009
UC Davis

Hello Ms. D

First off, I would thank Parkside again for investing their scholarship into my college education. I really appreciated the scholarship because it had lessened the financial burden of attending the University of California, Davis. Furthermore, I would like to update Parkside on my academics. I am doing extremely well in college; my current overall GPA is a 2.98. However, my GPA will continue to rise. I make it essential to utilize all the resources that are provided for students on campus. Every quarter I register to visit a weekly writing specialist at the Learning Skills Center on campus. These specialists provide me with productive feedback that continues to strengthen my writing skills at this university. Utilizing students’ resources is constantly improving my academics at this university. In fact, I have received several emails from the UC Davis Dean’s office congratulating me on my academic achievement. Meanwhile, I am currently applying for the UC Davis School of Law Outreach program (KHOP). This program was designed to help undergraduate minorities that come from disadvantage backgrounds. This program help prepares students for the LSAT exam and provide them with information on how to apply, and how to get into a prestigious law school. As you know my dream is to become an attorney, and I believe this outreach program can provide me with some insight that will increase my chances of being admitting into a prestigious law school.

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