Monica Donkor

My name is Monica Donkor. I was born on January 20th, 1995 in Ghana where I was raised until I was 6 years old before I moved to the United States. My parents sacrificed their job careers in Ghana to move to the United States for me to get better educational experiences and opportunities. I am currently a senior at Susan Miller Dorsey High School, planning to attend California State University,Northridge in the fall. I will be majoring in Psychology and/or Biochemistry to pursue my career goal of becoming a Pediatrician. I enjoy interacting with children and helping them in any way that I can. As a Pediatrician, I will love to open up my own local clinic to show my gratitude for all the contributions that my community has offered me. I would also work together with my community to offer better health services for low-income families and get the opportunity to travel to third-world countries and offer them free medical care.
Not long after we moved to the United States, my parents separated and my mother handled the situation very well. I learned that she can be independent on her own and that made me see a new side of her. My mother’s strength and independence made me gain a sense of who I am and who I wanted to become.My mother’s unconditional love, support, and nurturing have made me realize that I couldn’t let my circumstances stand in the way of achieving my academic goals. I learned to be optimistic and researched programs at school that would provide me with the assistance I needed to focus on my classes in order to overcome the personal challenges I faced.
I enjoy helping people, shopping, swimming, dancing, and simply just being around my friends and family. Most importantly, I want to graduate from college and become a doctor to make my mother proud and to gain my own independence as a woman.

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