Justice Privitera

justiceMy name is Justice Privitera daughter of Julia Privitera and currently a student at Dorsey High School. I was raised in California. I aspire to be an author and a film director. I know that careers in such field’s takes a lot of work and a higher education in which I will attain at a major university. Writing is my passion and I will like to accomplish my master piece by using my experiences as my guide to writing my and others stories.

You know how some people have gone by a theory stating that your whole life flashes right before your eyes immediately before you die? I believe strongly in that theory and the specific visuals I wish to see are not just my struggles that I am also grateful for but the beautiful places within this world that many would waste their whole life ignoring simply because they settled for the basic way of living. Someone like the accountant with the perfect family, the dog, and the white picket fence would cease to satisfy my deep cravings. I need and want infinitely to travel around this world and refuse infinitely to settle just yet. Rome, Ecuador, India, Bali, or even Seattle; you name it.

I’ve done my share of traveling within my life already seeing that I have not had a stable household since I was the age of 11. As the child of a single, hardworking mother who’s struggled even when events prove that she’s worked herself to the bone, never meeting an ease financially and moving house to house had become my life’s monumental routine. Justice Privitera has not yet seen it all, but something pretty much close to it. I do not look back on these events with pity on myself nor do I result in saying they’ve only made me stronger. They’ve inspired me to do so much more like moving country to country instead of house to house in order to experience the wonders God has created out there for us to experience.

When I do this, I want to also do what I know best. Register the beauty and uniqueness of these places I’ve seen, write stories about them and build films on them. So that right before I die, not only will my struggles which I am still grateful for flash gracefully before my eyes, but also the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met there, and the stories I’ve created there.

Justice Privitera of Dorsey High School

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