Grant Craddolph


I am Grant Craddolph; on May 9th 1997 a well-rounded student athlete was born. But in the womb, even before I was born, I was always on the move. Growing up I tended to grasp concepts easily. I tried nearly all sports, but by the age of five I fell in love with the game of baseball. I learned, practiced, and played the game with a passion and as a result I am constantly faced with the struggle of finding space in my room for awards and trophies. My father has coached many of my teams and has been very influential in my growth as a player and a person, with the help of my mother and my sister cheering me on in the stands I became an exceptional player. Baseball has been a platform for networking and has given me opportunities to travel the country and make a number of friends. The game also helped me to develop and fine tune my time management skills.

I have had a busy life and I have stayed on the move. Along with playing Baseball I have been in the top 25% of my class academically successfully maintaining a 3.0 + GPA even with a rigorous course load. My mother has been very influential in my academic success. I have worked diligently on my crafts but none of my accomplishments and feats could have been possible without the grace of God. His grace and blessings have compelled me to be an active member in my church and volunteer in my community.

Presently I plan on attending a university double majoring in communications and business management; I also will continue playing the game that I love, and worshiping God. I am Grant and I will continue to stay on the move now and in the future.

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