The Black Wealth Attainment and Retention Program is designed to increase opportunities for economic empowerment and help stem the erosion of wealth among Black families. Black Wealth Attainment and Retention Program (BWAARP) will provide audio and podcast presentations, along with virtual and live seminars, featuring certified experts on the following Legacy Wealth Building Strategies. The conversations and information disseminated under these topics contribute to a financially secure andconsciously sustainable community.


Big FIVE of Money

Financial Literacy Training for Middle and High School Youth

The BIG FIVE of Money program educates underserved youth and their families on five key financial principles to become smarter consumers, qualified borrowers, and informed investors. National Financial Educators lead our Financial Literacy Training Council-certified presenters or experienced certified financial professionals. Participants engage in interactive sessions covering:

• Earn
• Spend
• Save
• Borrow
• Invest & Protect

We collaborate with youth-oriented community organizations and local schools to reach beyond graduating seniors applying for scholarships.

Financial Literacy Seminar

The big five of money

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