Da’Janay Ray


Da’Janay has been striving to succeed, so she can live a better life. Coming from a single parent household she has learned that there are sacrifices that you have to make in order to survive and to do everything possible for your kids so that they can realize the best that life has to offer. While attending school she has challenged herself by taking rigorous courses and enrolling in college readiness programs(Volunteers of America-Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Vice-Provost Initiative for Pre-College Scholars at UCLA) to prepare for rigors of a 4-year University.

Da’Janay’s dream is to become a courtroom clerk with a career goal as a forensic/criminal psychologist. She enrolled in the Law and Public Serve Magnet for high school and was able to take classes such as: Introduction to Law, Juvenile Justice, Forensics, and Constitutional Law. Participating in Teen Court further provoked those interests in addition to watching television shows such as CSI, Criminal Minds, First 48, and Cold Case.

Da’Janay maintains a 4.0 overall GPA, and is ranked number 3 of 279 in her graduating class. She dedicates her time to Teen Court, tutoring other students, playing volleyball, drill team, and as a computer assistant. She is an optimistic person who takes pride in always helping others and never complaining. She has a positive outlook on life and looks forward to her future.

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