Candiss Hart

My occupational dream has recently transformed. Now my personal legend is to become a psychiatrist and have my own practice. After high school, I plan to attend UCLA and major in psychology and business. Immediately following my undergraduate graduation, I will pursue my PhD in psychology. I am a senior at Crenshaw High School. My community service includes having served Thanksgiving dinners to senior citizens with my father since I was 5 years old. I volunteer as a cheer coach for young girls with the Crenshaw Colts Pop Warner football team during football season. I assist the Team Heal athletic trainer at school daily with sanitation of the treatment room and to maintain supplies. In addition, I provide child-care for my neighbors. This is very helpful to the single mothers in my community who sometimes have to work evenings. Most recently, I have become a mentor to 5th grade girls at the Garr Academy. I have found this to be very rewarding. My extracurricular activities are varied. I have been a member of the varsity softball team since 9th grade and I have served as captain for the past 3 years. I have also served as captain of the cheerleading squad for the past 2 years and been a member of the squad since 10th grade. In addition, I am a member of the Fellowship Christian Association. We meet weekly for prayer, fellowship and bible study. I am also a member of the Junior/Senior steering committee that planned activities for our senior year. I am most proud of being the founding member of Club X, a club that I started at my high school. We work with the UCLA VIPs program. As a member of VIPs I took my first college course this summer, lived on UCLA’s campus for 5 weeks and earned an A in my Critical Issues in Education class. The class really motivated me to work hard in college and seek higher education. I was employed during my junior year at Simply Wholesome Restaurant as a waitress and cashier where I worked part time.
I enjoy dancing, swimming, trying new foods, experimenting with fashion and make-up and traveling. I recently discovered sushi and like trying new varieties of sushi.My honors and awards make me proud. During high school, I was chosen Homecoming Princess in the 10th and 11th grade by my peers to represent the school. I was able to compete due to letters of recommendations, and completing essays. I received a Platinum Member Award in Legacy Ladies last year for my continuous membership in the School House to The White House Leadership Program that I joined in 2009. I was awarded a trip to visit colleges back east as a Platinum Member. I have earned high academic awards every semester since the 9th grade by having a GPA above a 3.5. I received citizenship awards in the 9th and 10th grade for having outstanding character. Lastly, I graduated from the VIPs Scholars Program this summer after completing 2 summers at UCLA. Growing up, I was taught the value of balance. My father taught me how to balance my social life, athletics and academics. I saw him juggle everything in his life while remaining levelheaded. By watching my father, I was taught the essence of prioritizing my studies. The rewarding report cards and privileges of eligibility kept me striving. Knowing that my grades reflect my hard work is very satisfying. My father never rewarded me when I brought home an outstanding report card. He spoke volumes without saying much about what was expected more than once. I was given the necessary freedom that I earned in return for my academic diligence. I learned at an early age that high academic achievement was expected. He taught me that my actions would always affect me,whether they are positive or negative. This emphasized the practice of taking ownership of anything with my name on it. Ultimately everything that I do matters to me and my family.

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