Breonna Kelley

breonnakelleyEdgar Twine Scholarship Recipient

My name is Breonna Kelley. I was born in San Bernadino, CA and I am a senior at Dorsey High School.Growing up was a challenge for me because my siblings and I were placed into foster care at young ages. We never really had the right foundation to expand upon in our adolescent years. My motivation stems from my past experiences. I would not be the person I am today if I had not endured hardships. I believe that my story has made me a stronger student and has better prepared me for any future unexpected life circumstances. As a developing student, my only goal is to be the very best example I can be for myself as well as others around me.

This scholarship is just one of the many aspects of my life that I take much pride in, and it will not only help me along my journey at UCLA but it will also serve as a constant reminder of my many accomplishments and successes. I hope to encourage other students to set high academic goals and standards for themselves just as I have because I believe that no dream is too far from reach and there is no such thing as limitations.

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