Brandon James


My name is Brandon James, I am my mother’s only child and I have an older brother and younger sister on my father’s side.

Before I was two years old my father moved to Washington State. My hardest and most painful challenge was living without a father. I found that on the football field and track field I was pain free. Attending school playing football, and running track have been my daily routine .

I learned that life is much like sports. You cannot play by yourself, you need to put your heart and mind in it at all times, doing your very best, giving your best, always playing fair, regardless of what others may say. Sometimes you have to stand alone when you are being honest. Respect yourself and your sport will bring respect back to you.

I will attend the University of New Mexico in the fall. I will put my mind and heart in my studies and football and track. My dream career is to be a Physical Therapist working with kids under 13 years with sports injuries. I want to be the one to let them know it is ok to take your time to heal.

I am a product of “It Takes A Village to raise a child” I have had many wonderful people who helped me to be the person I am today. I am very blessed to have a friend who shared his father. I did not go without because of the many hard working, good men in my life. I had Mr. Lawson and Uncle Jamel when I needed a father; I will do the same for other fatherless boys. I have an obligation to my community to return to help others who may have had challenges in their lives.

Thank you Parkside for this opportunity to go out in the world knowing that I have your support. I look forward to the day when I will return as an example of what a loving community can do for its own.

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